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Lignol® is a realistic solution towards a fossil-free vehicle fleet by 2030.

To phase out the fossil fuels and replace them with biofuels is the fastest and most realistic opportunity to reach a fossil-free vehicle fleet in 2030.

It takes at least 17-20 years to replace all of today’s vehicles and to rebuild infrastructure to other modes of operation such as electric and gas vehicles. We neither have the time nor can we take the unrealistic costs and the negative environmental impact that a scrapping of today’s liquid fuel infrastructure would mean.

About RenFuel

A leading developer of bioproducts made from lignin, based in Sweden.

RenFuel provides the technology for bio-oil LIGNOL® and bioplastics LIGNISOL®, LIGNISET® and LIGNIFLEX®. To make them, lignin is first extracted at a pulp mill or lignin waste from cellulosic ethanol manufacture, and then reacted with any waste fatty acid through a unique, patented, high-yield and energy-efficient process.

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