About RenFuel

The team behind the revolutionary technology

RenFuel converts forest lignin into bio-oil

RenFuel is a Swedish innovation company in bioenergy with dedicated researchers, employees and owners who, with a solid knowledge of the forest industry and green chemistry, are driven by the idea of replacing finite fossil fuels with sustainable bio-gasoline and bio-diesel.

RenFuel is a spin-off from a research group at Uppsala University with cutting-edge technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology with knowledge of green chemistry and biomass from the forest industry. RenFuel has patented a world-class catalytic process that energy-efficiently transforms lignin from by-products in the forest industry into renewable lignin oil – Lignol®.

...and biobased plastics

With our unique, patented technology, we convert lignin into different types of materials that completely or partially replace fossil-based plastics. Our lignin materials are technically equivalent to the fossil equivalent plastics, but reduce the carbon footprint of the products.

RenFuel's board and management

Sven Löchen


Mats Odell


Joseph Samec


Christian Dahlstrand


Karolina Wiktorson


Clara Pierrou