The way towards commercialisation

Are you in the fuel industry, forest or second generation ethanol industry? Are you interested in how to make more value of lignin? We are always looking for new interesting collaborations. Contact us so we can explore a potential partnership!

Step 1

Establish partnership and Letter of Intent in the value chain.

Step 2

Proof-of-Concept @RenFuel
  • Purification of lignin.
  • Production of Lignol.
  • Hydrotreatment of Lignol.

Step 3

Feasibility @RenFuel and Refinery

  • Optimization of purification step.
  • Optimization of Lignol production.
  • Optimization of hydrotreatment and fuel production.
  • Medium-scale Lignol production (200-800l Lignol feed).
  • Business case verification.

Step 4

Next step towards commercial volumes.