New technology

Revolutionary cutting edge technology for the production of bio-oil.

LIGNOL®is made of lignin in a patented, environmental friendly catalytic process...

We develop large-scale production of biofuels based on lignin from forest trees. Our world-class innovation transforms solid lignin into a liquid lignin oil – LIGNOL® – refined into bio-gasoline and bio-diesel, which can completely replace or mix in fossil fuels.

With a patented, environmentally friendly catalytic process on lignin, we can make Sweden and the world less dependent on fossil fuels.

See here how Preem invests in lignol to make the Swedish vehicle fleet fossil free:

With the surplus of lignin present in our pulp mills, we can eventually half Sweden's dependence on fossil fuels...

Lignin plays an important role in the carbon cycle as it binds carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the wood substance in the plants. Fossil oil consists of lignin from trees and plants from the time of the dinosaurs.

Black liquor is a by-product with a low value and is burned in the pulp boilers of the pulp mill to generate energy. There are huge amounts of black liquor in the pulp industry, which consist of more than half of lignin and has an energy content equivalent to about 70% of Sweden’s fuel demand.

The excess lignin not required in the pulp mills is huge and 2-3 million tonnes can be taken out directly without affecting the balance of the pulping process. In the long term, 2 to 3 times as much lignin from forest raw material can be removed. Our assessment is that we in the near future can produce lignol equivalent for 2 billion litres of biofuels annually.

The volumes depend on the forest industry’s willingness to invest in the separation of the lignin from the pulp mill.

Plant fibre, wood substance or its real name – lignin – is an aromatic compound that forms part of all the cell walls of the plants. Between 10-40% of all vegetation in nature consists of lignin, in trees just over 30%. Lignin has high energy value – in trees over 50% of the total energy content.

Our process transforms lignin into sustainable lignol in hours - one ton of lignin becomes a cubic of lignol. Mother Earth does the same thing in millions of years - with a fossil result...

Quick sustainable process

Our great innovation is based on proven cutting-edge technology in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. With a patented catalytic, energy-efficient process without pressure, below boiling point, without toxic emissions or hazardous residues – in a couple of hours a ton of solid lignin, in a bath of bio-oil and catalytic substances, is converted into a cubic liquid lignin oil. The process is stable, large-scale and interchangeable.

The result

The result becomes a liquid hydrocarbon-based lignin oil called Lignol®, which is then delivered to refineries where Lignol® is refined into bio-gasoline and bio-diesel, in the same way as ordinary fossil crude oil. The bio-gasoline and bio-diesel perform just like common fossil fuels and will be mixed by fuel manufacturers according to market conditions and prevailing reduction quota.
Our patented catalytic process converts environmentally friendly and energy efficient lignin into renewable lignin oil or Lignol®. It is refined into green gasoline, diesel and jet fuel for low or high mixing, as “drop-in fuel”. RenFuel Lignol® – creates the standard for all lignin oils and has comparable structure, energy content and performance like a fossil oil.